Our staff has over 30 years experience – from coaching Elite Athletes to Special Olympians to the General Public. All in an effort to make healthier, stronger, and happier people!
While this experience is primarily in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting (Note that over 70% of CrossFit workouts contain an Olympic lifting movement), it includes creating stronger, faster, and better athletes for over several different sports including Track and Field, Skiing, Soccer, and CrossFit.
Here is what people have had to say about the instruction, coaching, and teaching they have received from our coaches over the years:

  • What are people about CrossFit Fortius East?

    "Great facility....unpretentious and great instruction!There is no macho ego to get in the way of solid learning and advancement.Their first goal is to make you were using proper technique and good form:that is paramount!"

    -Billy R
  • What are people about CrossFit Fortius East?

    "Best box in the county. Thank you for making my training such a priority. I feel like you guys care about my results as much as I do. If you want a fun and healthy place to workout come in and try this place out."

    Vic McQuaide

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